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Mailbag: Encouraged or worried about O-line?


We keep having these nagging injuries to our offensive line, both Zack Martin and Chuma Edoga being the latest. Should we be more encouraged that the backups didn't break against a tough Jets defensive line? Or should we be more worried about the wear and tear already on our offensive line starters? – Rafael Gil/Indio, CA

Mickey: Think it's a little earlier to start worrying about wear and tear. Look around the league. Injuries happen. Don't think the Cowboys are too concerned with the ankle injury to Zack Martin. He might miss practice on Wednesday but is expected to play Sunday. As for Chuma Edoga (elbow), there is some optimism he'll be able to get back into practice later in the week. Also, starter Tyler Smith is not far behind. Might be ready for the Cards. But you should be encouraged it was hardly noticeable that rookie free agent T. J. Bass moved in at left guard the second half since he had previously been on the right side and that then at the end rookie Asim Richards came in at left guard when Bass went back to right. Also, what a benefit that these backup guys got snaps in low leverage situations already in Games 1 and 2, gaining experience for down the road.

Nick Harris: I think there's a conversation to be had with both points. On one hand, you hate to see that offensive line injuries hit this team on the very first practice of week one when Tyler Smith went down with a hamstring injury, and then it hasn't made me feel any better now that Zack Martin is battling an ankle problem. With that being said, Chuma Edoga has exceeded my expectations in two games with his play at left guard, especially against the strength that the Giants and Jets have on the interior of the defensive line. With Edoga now battling injury, T.J. Bass has been called upon and he showed a little less stability there when he came in against the Jets, but it's hard to imagine his name being called many times this season. Health will be of the utmost importance late in the season though, and with injuries already affecting the starting five up front, no one in the depth of that room can be thrown out as a possibility.

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