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Mailbag: Expanding Tony Pollard's Role?


After seeing the small sample size of Tony Pollard last Sunday against the Redskins, do you think we may see him more going forward? He had great patience and cuts on those runs. - JORDAN HAND / TULSA, OK

Bryan: You will absolutely be seeing more of Tony Pollard in the coming weeks. He's too good of a player not to see the field. I expect that Kellen Moore will come up with creative ways in order to get him and Ezekiel Elliott on the field together and make defensive coordinators have to prepare for that each week.

Rob: It'll be interesting to see if perhaps Michael Gallup's injury (2-to-4 weeks) creates any extra work for Pollard – not as a true receiver, of course, but because he does have versatility as a pass catcher. He got 17 snaps against Washington and took a series late in third quarter so Zeke Elliott could be fresh for the fourth. I don't foresee a much, much larger role than we've seen because Zeke doesn't come off the field much, though.

When a free agent is brought in for a "workout," what does that consist of? For example, safety Josh Jones was brought in for a workout. What do the coaches have him do and what do they look at in this process? - JAYE ORTIZ

Bryan: If you have ever watched the Combine on the NFL Network – you've seen the workout that coaches/scouts do with players when they bring them in for visits. There are specific drills they want to see the players perform not only to see skill but conditioning as well. They know in the first two drills whether they're going to sign the player or not.

Rob: These scheduled free agent workouts aren't open to us, but one thing I'll add: Even if a player isn't signed that day, helps the front office build a short list of contingencies in case they do need to make a move later in the season. The workouts can confirm that a player indeed is in shape and ready to go.

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