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Mailbag: Expectations For Robert Quinn, Dak?


With defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli's history of bringing out the best in D-Linemen, is it safe to say he will have this effect on Robert Quinn? And if so, does Quinn put up 10 or 12 sacks this coming season? Your thoughts? - ELLIOTT APONTE / HARTFORD, CT

Bryan: You're right. Coach has done a great job with the line under his watch. Quinn could surely come up with 10 or more sacks but more likely 6 to 8 if I had to guess. He still commands attention.

Rob: Quinn hasn't posted double-digit sacks since 2014, but he also missed half the season in 2015 and 2016 due to injuries. I think he'll feel revitalized here after playing 3-4 outside linebacker for the Dolphins and Rams the last two seasons. He's more used to being a traditional defensive end, and Marinelli will be excited to work with him, no question.

I'm wondering how the Russell Wilson deal with Seattle will affect an extension with Dak? Is he going to want in the range of $30 million a year or do you think he would take less knowing he needs good players around him for him to be more successful and him taking less would give them a better chance to sign more of our own players? - MICHAEL SUTTON / SISSETON, SD

Bryan: Prescott is going to try and get all the money he can. It's not the Cowboys' fault that he was only a fourth-round selection, but he's going to try and make up for that lost money for not being a high pick. The Cowboys know this and will have to figure it all out.

Rob: There are only three quarterbacks in the league making an average of $30 million a year: Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. All have been to a Super Bowl, of course, and Prescott is just getting started in his career. I don't know if $30 million will be the number, but there's no question quarterback salaries will continue to rise as younger starters become eligible for deals. And Prescott has accomplished as much or more than a few QBs with contracts in the next tier (Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr). It'll be fascinating to see how these talks evolve.

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