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Mailbag: Finding More Defensive Tackle Depth?


I came out of Senior Bowl week and the Draft Show coverage feeling great about the Cowboys' ability to get a quality defensive tackle even without the first-round pick. Is that the case, and what round do you feel like the talent will drop off? Could be a three- or one-technique with pass rush ability. - LANDON CABELL*Bryan:* I believe they will be able to go into the fourth round and feel good about the players at defensive tackle, whether that's a one- or three-technique.

Rob: I'll defer to Bryan here, but this does seem like a fairly deep draft for tackles. I'm on record believing this should be a pretty high priority. As well as Antwaun Woods played, he needs someone to spell him. He played nearly 60 percent of the defensive snaps in 15 regular-season games.


When the Cowboys were unable to stop the run against the Rams all the experts said it was due to the Rams' offensive line dominating. Does that mean we will lose to them again if we don't get an upgrade to our defensive tackle position in the upcoming draft? - LOUIS CIACCIO JR / BRAZORIA, SC

Bryan: It's not often that you face a line like the Rams or Colts during a season. Controlling the line is one of the reasons the Cowboys were in the playoffs. With that being said I felt like they were going to have to address the position regardless. Nothing against Caraun Reid or Daniel Ross but the depth just wasn't there especially in that playoff game. There is no doubt in my mind they won't let that happen again. 

Rob: It wasn't just the tackles. The linebackers had difficulty getting off blocks, though that was partly due to the Rams reaching the second level too easily. I still think this is a very good run defense – they've proven it too many times against very good running teams like the Saints – but they do need another tackle to keep Antwaun Woods and Maliek Collins fresh. David Irving should've been that guy.

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