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Mailbag: Forecasting Marinelli's Future; Is QB A Draft Need This Year?

Given the tremendous job that Rod Marinelli has done with the defense and his contract ending at the end of the year, do you see him with the team next year? Can Jerry throw enough money/titles at him to keep him?

Bryan:I have gone on record to say that I believe that Rod Marinelli will take the opportunity to move back to Tampa and help his friend Lovie Smith at the conclusion of this current season. My thoughts are my own with no outside influence or inside information. To his credit Marinelli stepped up in a difficult situation and did exactly what he knew he could do with this defense. As much as I believe in Jerry Jones' ability to close deals, this might be his most challenging due to the friendship of Smith and Marinelli.

David:I agree with Bryan that I think Marinelli is going to move on when this season is over. Having said that, maybe there's a chance he decides to stay on and continue shaping this defense. Marinelli has done far more with the talent here than most thought possible. He could potentially have an amazing linebacker tandem in Sean Lee and Rolando McClain, and he'll likely have one or two new draft picks to tutor. Maybe that's enough to tempt him to sign on – because this defense could take steps toward being very good in the near future. I still think his future will lie elsewhere, but anything is possible.

Tony Romo has looked very good this year with the addition of the running game, but as the last game with the Redskins will attest, he's one hard sack from career end. Brandon Weeden isn't the answer and is too old to groom. Do you think the Cowboys go for a 2nd or 3rd round QB in the 2015 draft to start grooming for the future?

Bryan:As a group they really like Dustin Vaughan and what he has shown in the practices while running the scout team. I haven't had a chance to go through the list of potential quarterbacks for this draft but these scouts have, so we will see if one of them fit the bill for that developmental guy you were asking about.

David:Both Tony Romo and the Cowboys absolutely believe he can play another four or five seasons. Considering that, I don't think it makes a ton of sense to draft a quarterback with a high pick – meaning the first rour rounds – this year. In that scenario, the guy you drafted to replace Romo would be finishing his contract by the time Romo retires. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting a project in the late rounds, though. On a related note, I think it would be really smart to give Dustin Vaughan some reps in this upcoming Washington game – but who knows if that will actually happen.

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