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Mailbag: Free Agent Priority? Collins To Guard?


Who would you make the priorities among the free agents? As much as I'd like to keep this group together, I'd be happy if they kept Randy Gregory, either Michael Gallup or Cedrick Wilson and either Jayron Kearse or Leighton Vander Esch. I think Dalton Schultz and Connor Williams will be too expensive. — VINCENT RICHARDSON / MOBILE, AL

David: Personally, my No. 1 priority is Randy Gregory. Year in and year out, we see what consistently pressuring the quarterback can do for a defense, and it would be a shame to let him walk out the door when this pass rush is finally starting to look scary. I'd love to keep Jayron Kearse, but I do wonder if he might have priced himself out of the Cowboys' spending limit. It's unfortunate that he had to get hurt, but I'd also love to bring back Michael Gallup on a smaller deal while he rehabs his ACL. It seems like it should be possible for both sides to come to an agreement that makes everybody happy there.

Nick: I think the first questions must be centered on the guys that are under contract such as D-Law and Amari. If anything happens with them, it would change the priority levels with guys like Gregory and then Gallup/Wilson. I think Gregory will probably come back although it'll be interesting to see how expensive that will be. After that, Jayron Kearse is a priority for me because of the way Quinn used him. After that, I think the Cowboys can get by without the others. I'm on the fence about Schultz. I think he's probably more of a byproduct of the talent surrounding him. I would like to have him back but I do think he'll be more expensive.

Do you think moving Terence Steele to right tackle and La'el Collins back to guard is being considered as an option if the draft/free agency don't go as planned? He seemed to fill in quite well. Or is he more valuable as the swing tackle? —MIKE SMITH / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

David: This is easily the question that we get asked the most often, and I understand why. I can't tell you yet what the Cowboys' game plan is. They might not even know yet, since it's still so early in the offseason. But if I were them, I would at least gauge Collins' interest in a potential switch. Perhaps they can land a guard in the draft and this is ultimately a moot point. But if not, that's a move that could solve two problems at once. I'd at least like to see how he feels about it.

Nick: I wouldn't be opposed to that option if ... and it's a big IF .. he's willing to really make the move. It's one thing to switch positions because the coaching staff is asking or telling you to. It's another to be fully invested in the move, with hours of tape to study the position, get your body in a different shape, perhaps to handle the position better. If LC is totally into making the switch, then I'd be curious. But if he's not really open to doing it, then it'll probably be reflective in his performance.

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