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Mailbag: Garrett's Contract; Moore As New OC


What do you make of reports that the Cowboys are unlikely to extend head coach Jason Garrett's contract before the season? What does that mean for expectations in 2019? - MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: I have no problem with this decision at all from the front office. Expectations are always going to be high, but the Jones family has shown great patience with Jason Garrett. For any coach to have nine years at the helm says a lot. Look what's just happened recently in Arizona, Miami and New York. Garrett needs to take this team to the next step. If he does he deserves to be rewarded, if not here then somewhere else.

Rob: It must be noted that Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones has not publicly stated his intentions one way or the other about possibly extending Garrett's contract before next season. Garrett did earn a new deal in 2015 after leading the team to the NFC East title and divisional round. Whether or not he gets years added to his deal in 2019, the expectations are high for the Cowboys, obviously. They're well aware they haven't gotten past the second round since 1995 and haven't made the playoffs in consecutive years since 2007. I believe this was a successful season, but there's no question the team and organization is itching to take the next step.


I believe that changing "who" the offensive coordinator is isn't as important as changing "what" the offensive scheme/system is. If we move to Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna with Jason Garrett possibly calling plays again, how will it be different and more importantly better than with Scott Linehan? - DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Bryan: This is how I see things shaking out. Kellen Moore will call the plays with Jon Kitna handling the installs and Doug Nussmeier up in the booth on game days. Will there be some core ideas left over from Linehan? Sure. But this is where I think Moore, Kitna and Nussmeier will be different. Good coaches steal ideas from each other. I believe that you'll see these coaches spend the offseason along with Dak Prescott coming up with a scheme tailored to the strengths of their personnel. This offense in my opinion will look different by the time they leave Oxnard to open the season. I promise you that.

Rob: The Cowboys' announcement of Moore as offensive coordinator did not state formally that he'll call the plays, but Jerry Jones hinted earlier in the week on 105.3 The Fan that Moore very well could have the "ultimate responsibility" in the play-calling. Maybe Garrett gets more involved this year, too. Regardless, the Cowboys want Moore's input, and just because he played and coached under Linehan doesn't mean he won't have his own ideas on things. Let's just see how it plays out.

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