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Mailbag: Go Get Bobby Wagner? Schultz Logic?


Do you feel, with the release of Bobby Wagner in Seattle, that he would have interested in joining Dan Quinn and the Cowboys? I am sure he will still demand a large salary but the addition of Wagner would be huge for a position of need. — FORREST KERNS / BILLINGS, MT

David: I really hate to be such a downer all the time, but I'd call it doubtful. The Cowboys have made it very clear that they're going to have a hard enough time keeping their own guys, much less signing a likely Hall of Famer who just finished with 121 tackles last year. The one thing that gives me pause is Wagner's tie to Quinn, as you mentioned. Perhaps, if he thinks he has a chance to be part of something special here with Dan and Micah Parsons, he might take a smaller deal to come on board. But if you want my honest opinion, I'd say it seems very unlikely.

Nick: Yes I think he'd have interest playing with Dan Quinn. Yes I think the Cowboys would have interest signing him and playing him alongside Micah Parsons. However, I also think Wagner can still play at a high level. And with that, he'll get more money than the Cowboys could pay him. And that's because they're not ready to push the chips all-in and try to win now. So yeah, doesn't seem likely for this year.

Many are wondering. Was tagging Dalton Schultz the right move? — RAD HUGHER / LAKE GEORGE, NY

David: I'm going to let the front office navigate the next two months before I firmly decide how I feel, but I can't say I like the look of this. I think Amari Cooper is one of the very best receivers in football. And if they make the salary cap work by releasing him in favor of Schultz and Michael Gallup, I'm just not sure I can square it. I don't think you get better by parting ways with your best offensive playmaker, but the Cowboys seem to be favoring a "quantity over quality" approach. Maybe they'll do some solid work in free agency and take an exciting young receiver in the draft. That'd go a long way toward making me feel better. But right now, I have a bad feeling that they're setting themselves up to take a step back on offense.

Nick: really I don't know if it was the right move, but I think they felt like they had to do that. All of a sudden the tight end position was going to be a problem if they don't keep Schultz. Adding some help in free agency and the draft was going to be tough because their aren't many great options at tight end. And it's likely that other teams knew that as well. From what I hear, Schultz could get way more than $11 million per season with a long-term deal. So keeping him because a must instead of a luxury. Only time will tell if it's the right move but I do wonder just how open he'd be without Cooper on the outside commanding double teams and extra coverage.

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