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Mailbag: Gregory's Support System; FB Role?



It is great to see Randy Gregory is back on the field and looking like a top-10 pick many rated him as before his off-field issues. I imagine the microscope he is under from the league must be intense. What help is he receiving to better ensure he is eligible for 16 games this year?

Bryan: The media was not briefed on Gregory's treatment, so it's hard to answer this question, but I know it's extensive. I do know that he has a person with him that is a life coach to help navigate his journey. Hopefully one day he can explain his requirements to himself and the league. 

Rob: Mickey Spagnola did a nice job of giving a little insight into Gregory's support structure earlier this week on our website. As part of his reinstatement, Gregory has an NFL-approved after-care program, counseling, and as Bryan said, a life coach who will be with him throughout the upcoming season. This return to football will be a day-to-day process for him.


Do we have a true fullback on the roster? From what I have always understood, Jamize Olawale is a runner. Have we just decided not to use one now for blocking purposes?

Bryan: Olawale is a true fullback. His best trait is his ability to catch the ball, pass block and play special teams. I'll be interested to see how much they use him to dig those linebackers out of the hole like they did Keith Smith. 

Rob: I consider Olawale a true fullback, yes, though not exactly in the same mold as Smith was before he left for Oakland. I also think a tight end besides Geoff Swaim must step up and help block for the run game. Don't forget about what James Hanna did in that role when he was here.

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