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Mailbag: Guard Change? Edge In The NFC East?


If you look at the remaining schedules for the NFC East, Dallas looks to have the most favorable schedule and matchups left to play. Do you think the rest of the schedule gives Dallas an edge in winning the division? - ROY ROEHL / FAIRBANKS, AK

Rob: I see your point. The Eagles still have to play the Rams by virtue of their first-place schedule. The Redskins and Eagles still have to play each other twice, and Washington has games left against Houston and Tennessee, which look tougher now. But the Cowboys also have a very challenging four-game stretch in the next three weeks: at Atlanta, Washington on three days' rest, New Orleans and then Philly, who I still think is better than they've shown. We'll learn a lot more about this team coming up.

Bryan:I don't believe the schedule gives them an edge. With the exception of the last two games, they could lose all those games. This team hasn't shown near enough consistency to say that they could put together a four- or five-game winning streak, which I believe you're going to need to win the division. 


How much of this dominant running effort do you think was influenced by having the raw power of Xavier Su'a-Filo in there instead of Connor Williams? I know you're giving up a lot in terms of athleticism, but the difference in power can absolutely not be understated. - MICHAEL KENNEDY / ARKADELPHIA, AR

Rob:I'm sure the size and strength of the Eagles' line factored into the decision to start Su'a-Filo over Adam Redmond. Strength is not Williams' strength at this point in his career. Really impressive how Su'a-Filo competed against Fletcher Cox in the game. We'll see if Williams can get back to practice as soon as this week, but there's no question the line controlled things up front in this game with the veteran at left guard.

Bryan:Su'a-FIlo played well and the line deserves a lot of the credit for that victory, especially when it came to running the ball. If they go to Atlanta and have a similar offensive performance, I could see Su'a-FIlo staying in the lineup much like Ron Leary did when La'el Collins got hurt in 2014. Collins never got his job back because the offense got on a roll. I am interested to see if the same thing happens here?

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