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Mailbag: Hardy Still Waiting? Protecting The Mike Linebacker?


How can we be hearing about a decision regarding the suspension of Tom Brady when the NFL hasn't even made one on Hardy yet? Seriously? How long does it take?*

Bryan: When the owner of the team has no idea when it's going to happen – how am I to know? I was told three weeks ago to be on alert and nothing but crickets. So like you I wait and when the league is ready they will let us know.

David:All the NFL said about Brady was that a ruling could be coming "soon"  – but even that is unclear. The wording of the CBA allows them to be as vague as they want, and that's apparently what they're doing. I don't know what else to tell you except to be patient.


No matter who plays the Mike linebacker, he winds up injured. Doesn't it make sense to change out that position between two or three players, so one guy isn't taking all the hits and winding up injured?

Bryan: That's a pretty defeatist attitude to take about the position and the players that play it – don't you think? You play the player you think is best for the job and if things work out – great. If not the next man steps up and plays. The Mike is a position that you want stability so changing out players just to protect them is really not the best idea.

David:I get why it'd concern you, given the injury histories of Sean Lee and Rolando McClain, but that's why the Cowboys did as much work as they have at linebacker. There are two capable starters behind McClain in Brinkley and Hitchens – and then there's Lee and probably Damien Wilson. With that kind of depth, I don't worry so much about cycling players.

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