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Mailbag: Has Marcus Spears Done Enough To Beat Kenyon Coleman?


Has Marcus Spears done enough during preseason to earn beat out Kenyon Coleman? He seems to be more active than I've ever seen him. Why isn't he starting already?

Rowan: Spears isn't just fighting for a spot on the starting line. He's competing for a spot on the team. He may have a better chance of beating out Clifton Geathers than Kenyon Coleman, but he has been at least as active as the two during the preseason. Keep in mind, that's mostly against the backups.

Josh: The problem is, he's not only competing against Coleman, but the Cowboys' salary cap budget as well. He probably has to be a good bit better than Coleman, in the Cowboys' eyes, to stick around, because he's scheduled to make more over the course of the contract they signed him to in 2011. I do think they have to keep one or the other.


I haven't seen anything great from Stephen McGee or Rudy Carpenter. What are the chance the Cowboys decide to go into the season with just two quarterbacks on the roster?

Rowan: If there was ever a year for that to occur, it could be this year. The Cowboys have to ask themselves when a young quarterback is no longer a developing quarterback. I could see the Cowboys keeping just two quarterbacks this season, and having a third on the practice squad.

Josh: The odds are pretty good that it'll be just two on the roster and one on the practice squad. That decision was pretty much made when they signed Kyle Orton. Jason Garrett talks about how much the team values the quarterback position, and that's fine, but there's a full roster to think about.

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