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Mailbag: Have we reached going rate for Dak?


Trevor Lawrence just got $55 million per year with $200 million guaranteed, the same basic contract Joe Burrow got a year ago. Is this it? Have we now reached the going rate for Dak Prescott or is he looking for more? What are your thoughts on where we go from here? – Jeff Neistein/Woodland Hills, CA

Patrik: I honestly don't think there will be too much influence from Lawrence's deal on wherever Prescott's comes in at, and one reason is what you mentioned: Burrow's contract set the market rate, more or less. That's why Lawrence's was structured to mirror it, but you could easily argue that Prescott will still command more on the market — keep in mind, for QBs, it's about all about the market — coming off of an All-Pro season that saw him land runner-up for league MVP; and in only his first season with Mike McCarthy calling the offensive plays. There's no indication that Prescott is demanding $60M annually and, honestly, I think the bigger talking point will be the guaranteed money to come, though even that is nuanced. Lawrence's guaranteed money includes $142 million guaranteed at signing, but his new deal doesn't even go into effect until 2026. Prescott's, however, would go into effect in 2024, making it a different salary cap conversation entirely. To me, Burrow is the marker, Lawrence is the double-down to that marker, and Prescott will inch past both, though I doubt he's looking to blow those two contracts out of the water. That said, the Cowboys should beware any more "falling leaves".

Nick Harris: I don't think Dak Prescott's price necessarily changed with Trevor Lawrence inking his deal this past week, I think it just further solidified the price he will end up commanding at the negotiation table. I'd be surprised if Prescott doesn't end up with an annual average of $60 million. The going rate seems to have had that number since the conclusion of the season in comparison to what Burrow signed for last offseason. With that being said, if another deal comes down that reaches $60 million, that price will only rise.

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