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Mailbag: How Active In Free Agency? WR Plan?


Do you think since Dallas does not have a No. 1 pick, and for the first time in a while, they will have cap room, they will be a player in free agency this year? - JOSH HANSON / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Rob: Not a major player. Stephen Jones said this week on 105.3 The Fan they expect to keep the same philosophy: focusing on their own players. They've got a Pro Bowler (DeMarcus Lawrence) whose contract is up, and some key guys (Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, etc.) up in a year. They've got cap space, but to them, free agency is a way to fill gaps without breaking the bank.

Bryan: Will sign their own and what draft picks they have left will be used to the best of their ability. I don't see them being players in free agency unless a deal comes to them.


With the futures of Allen Hurns (injury), Tavon Austin, and Cole Beasley free agency pending, will Dallas seek vet free agent help or draft a burner to compliment Amari Cooper? - JOSÉ MUÑOZ / CLOVIS, CA

Rob: Hurns is expected to make a full recovery from his ankle injury, but yes, I think a shifty slot receiver could be an under-the-radar draft need depending on what happens with Beasley and Austin. A little like Terrance Williams a couple of years ago, it's hard to know what the market will look like for Beasley. Austin has a lot of talent, but injury reduced his role this season.

Bryan: I believe they would look to adding a slot player more than your burner. They have guys that can get down the field. Keep an eye in the draft on Dillon Mitchell (Oregon) and Andy Isabella (UMass) as possible selections.

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