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Mailbag: How Big Of A Need Is LB?


I realize this is probably the uncommon view, but why is Dallas not associated with any of the Top 5-6 LB's in the draft? Seems CB, WR, OL is very deep, so why wouldn't Dallas use at a minimum a Day 2 pick on an LB? — ROBERT FERGUSON / CARROLLTON, TX

David: COVID restrictions have made it harder for us to tell who the Cowboys are linked to, but I think you're mistaken if you don't think this staff is working on linebackers. The long-term future of the position looks very uncertain right now, and this is an impressive class of linebackers coming out. Maybe they won't draft one at No. 10 overall, but I absolutely think they're going to draft a linebacker – and perhaps as early as Day 2, just as you suggested.

Jonny: I think there's definitely validity to your point. Considering Jaylon's inconsistent play, Vander Esch's injuries, and Sean Lee's age, I don't think there's any doubt that an excellent addition at linebacker would improve the team. One problem is that the Cowboys are sort of sitting in no man's land with the position at the No. 10 pick. I think Micah Parsons would be a great player for the Cowboys to have, but I don't know that he justifies the No. 10 pick when you might be able to get an All-Pro OT or CB there. It seems unlikely Parsons makes it to Day 2 of the draft, but I would certainly hope the Cowboys would take him in the second round if possible.

Hi, just wanted your guys thoughts on the NFL adding a 17th game. Do you like it? Think it's a bad idea? How do you think it will work for Cowboys? Better or worse? — ERIC MOBERG / BREWSTER, MA

David: I think I'm indifferent to it at this point, because the writing has been on the wall that it was coming for so long. Personally, I'm not really sure it was necessary. The season is already long and taxing enough on these guys' bodies. And I felt like 16 games for 32 teams was a nice symmetry. But at the end of the day, we aren't going to complain about more football, and the players will get more money out of the deal. It is what it is.

Jonny: Dave's right that this sort of just isn't a surprise anymore, so it's hard to muster my initial reaction. I think that it's maybe not a great idea for the player's health and the overall quality of the product. People would watch 24 games if they put them on television, but I'm not sure that should be the barometer for what the best product is. I don't think you want to increase the degree to which good teams are just trying to make it to the playoffs without more injuries.

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