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Mailbag: How can Zimmer help the offense?


Are the Cowboys still going to do the across-the-hall sessions where the offensive players meet with the defensive coaches and the defensive players meet with the offensive coaches? How do you think Mike Zimmer's perspective will help the offense? – Michael Franceus/Richardson, TX

Nick Harris: The across-the-hall sessions seem to be McCarthy specific, so I don't see why the Cowboys wouldn't bring that back in 2024. Mike Zimmer's perspective as a coach that preaches physicality in the secondary could prove to be beneficial against physical opponents such as Philadelphia, San Francisco and Baltimore this season. Furthermore, new run game coordinator Paul Guenther could be beneficial in helping a committee run game find its identity in certain games as the season goes on.

Mickey: I would imagine head coach Mike McCarthy would like to continue with his across-the-hall sessions, but they usually don't do those until coming out of the bye week or when they have extra time like heading into a Monday Night Football game or the long break between Thanksgiving and the next game. Who knows, they might find some time during training camp for a session, but time constrains during camp make that almost impossible. And certainly, any feedback from Zimm would be helpful, and who knows, the offensive coaching staff might have already picked his brain during the offseason when meeting time is not as precious.

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