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Mailbag: How Did The Rookies Look In Week 1?


Just wanted your guys thoughts on the young guys, in particular Terence Steele, CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs. For me I thought they played pretty well for not having a normal offseason or preseason games. So I am excited to see them hopefully continue to grow. — ERIC MOBERG / BREWSTER, MA

Nick: Yes, they played well considering the circumstances. Overall, Steele had shaky moments and Lamb was involved in the pivotal play of the game. Diggs had a nice third-down stop to give them a chance but his game was far from perfect. But considering the fact many other players with way more experience had their issues, it was a good start for them.

Jonny: I agree. I don't know what more you could realistically expect from those guys. I don't think Diggs had a lot of fun out there but he came out and stuck with some excellent receivers who made plays on him. And Lamb was prominently involved in the offense, which was an exciting sign of things to come. Things didn't go perfectly for any of them, but that's what happens when you throw young players into the fire. It should only speed up their development.

All I've seen is that Terence Steele was chosen as the starting right tackle over Cameron Erving and Brandon Knight. Why, though? Brandon Knight played well there last year too. — BILLY TROMPETER / OKC, OK

Nick: Steele was better than Erving in practice, apparently. This coaching staff hasn't provided much detail on anything so that's all we've got. Doesn't sound promising for Erving, and then he gets hurt. Sounds like they are looking at Knight as a guard but he can play tackle. I like him at right tackle over Steele in this situation.

Jonny: It's hard to say, but ultimately I think we sometimes overlook how the offensive line has to really have a strong grasp of exactly what the offense is trying to accomplish with every play. It's a much more complicated position than people realize. If you're on the same page as the rest of the offense you have an advantage. Steele clearly proved that to a new coaching staff.

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