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Mailbag: How does Dak stack up against Hurts?


Is this big Sunday night game against the Eagles going to simply come down to who has the best quarterback? How do you think Dak Prescott stacks up against Jalen Hurts? Where does he maybe outshine the Philly quarterback? – Jeff Porter /Austin, TX

Nick Eatman:I think the two are very comparable, especially because neither of them were supposed to be a franchise quarterback but it didn't take long to prove to the NFL world just how good they were. Obviously, at this point, they're at different stages of their career and they don't actually play the game the same way. Right now, Hurts is a better runner and a stronger runner at that. Dak is a better passer but it's not like the other one is one-dimensional. I think this game will come down to more than just the QB play. It'll be close enough where a weird play here or there, maybe on special teams, will decide it. I think Hurts and Dak are both very good quarterbacks and the winner of this game might have the upper hand to winning MVP of the entire league. 

Patrik: I think that's a part of it, yes, but more so the ability or inability of the opposing secondary to get the job done. That bodes well for the Cowboys who, despite some struggles the past two weeks during a three-game-in-11-day stretch, still has one of the best in the league; whereas the Eagles literally have one of the worst in all of football. It's a nightmare matchup for the Eagles' secondary against a Cowboys' offense that is the most explosive it's been all season and, also, in the building where they've been the most explosive. Prescott will have plenty of opportunities to take them to task if … if … his protection is strong upfront. For Hurts, it's a more daunting task and he'll do his best to get the ball out quickly and allow A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith to YAC their way to victory — making tacking the primary emphasis for the Cowboys' defense, as well as living in Hurts' personal space.

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