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Mailbag: How Does Parnell Factor Into Future Plans?



So this time last year, there was a lot of talk that Jermey Parnell was going to really challenge Doug Free. Well, Parnell got hurt in the preseason and Free goes on to have a pretty solid season. I haven't heard anything about Parnell since then. With Free coming into the final year of his contract, is Parnell a part of the Cowboys' future plans?

David: The Cowboys trusted Parnell as a starting tackle when they needed him, and he has managed to hang around the roster for several years -- that probably says something about how the coaches see his potential. The same thing could be said about Darrion Weems. I'm sure the Cowboys are hopeful about both guys, but that hope isn't going to stop them from addressing the offensive line in the draft if the right pick comes along.

Rowan: Parnell had the opportunity to take a hold of the right tackle spot prior to last season and didn't do so, but his play at the end of the 2012 season provided optimism that he could eventually turn into a starting caliber player. There's always a chance that he could have a breakout camp and eventually regain that starting spot, though it's unlikely he starts this year. If nothing else, he provides depth at a spot that needs it.

Do you guys think that Orton's not showing up at camp might be because he was told he was going to be traded? And/or do you think [embedded_ad] Orton has any trade value?

David: No, not really. I imagine something like that would have come out by now, as trade rumors often tend to do. And again, no, not really. Orton is 31, he's started one game since the 2011 season, and the whole reason we're even having this conversation is because he is reportedly mulling the possibility of retirement. That doesn't sound like a player any team would be willing to give something up for.

Rowan: I don't think a trade is the reason he's not at workouts. I think he did have some trade value, despite making multiple millions as a backup, but the longer the thought that he's mulling retirement continues, the less a team would want him. That said, I still think he has some trade value. It's hard to find a starting caliber quarterback in this league, and he's better than some of the 32 starting quarterbacks in this league.

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