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Mailbag: How Does Romo's Departure Impact Dak? Damontre Moore's Role?


I know we lean on Will McClay and our scouts to find potential "bridge players." Have we seen enough in the OTA's and minicamp to believe Damontre Moore can give us much more pass rush ability than previous "bridge players" like George Selvie, Jeremy Mincey and Benson Mayowa?

Bryan: I felt like that's all I talked about during OTAs and minicamp? The potential of Damontre Moore and how if he plays like he did in Seattle that the Pro Department deserves a steak dinner from the owner. He has a chance to help due to his ability to rush the passer. He was the one guy that was able to give Tyron Smith some trouble off the snap. I really do like the pickup because he looks like he's turned the corner on his career.

Rob: You mentioned Mayowa, and he's a guy Moore will have to win snaps from in preseason. I think it's certainly possible Moore works his way into that right end rotation. He's a natural pass rusher. This is the most interesting camp battle to me: Moore, Taco Charlton, Charles Tapper, Mayowa and DeMarcus Lawrence all trying to separate themselves.


Will the fact that Romo will be missing from sidelines and practices be a negative or a positive for Dak? Were there things that Romo did for Dak that he will miss? Or, will he be better off without the distraction? I think that having Romo there helped in some way (being a mentor). Will we notice any downside to his absence?

Bryan:This is going to sound cold but Mark Sanchez and Kellen Moore were more of a help to Prescott than Romo was. Both Romo and Prescott said the right things but there was really nothing there. Once the front office and coaching staff made the call to go with Prescott there was no looking back. This is his team and he's looking to make Romo a memory.

Rob:Dak has said he leaned on all those guys for advice, including Tony. No question it was such a luxury having a player of Romo's caliber as the backup quarterback. On the other hand, there's no question Dak had to deal with constant questions about whose team it was. That's all settled now. As he moves forward, he's in a bit of a unique spot because his head coach, his offensive coordinator and his position coach all played quarterback at a high level. That's very beneficial for a young starter.

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