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Mailbag: How Does The CB Battle Look So Far?


How's the battle at cornerback shaping up? Who is getting reps with the first team and what are your gut feelings about the day one starter opposite of Trevon Diggs? – DAVE SMITH / LIVERMORE, CA

David: To this point, it's all about the vets. Anthony Brown is a starting outside corner until proven otherwise, and he seems to be handling himself just fine so far. I will say that Kelvin Joseph and Nahshon Wright have flashed plenty of potential this week, so I'm curious to see if they can push for playing time. But if you're asking me for my gut feeling, I think it'll be Brown – at least for Week 1.

Nick: I know it might not be what fans want to hear, but it's going to be hard to unseat Anthony Brown at this point. Sure, they drafted Kelvin Joseph and Nahshon Wright and both of them are looking good out here. Jourdan Lewis plays the slot so he's the third corner. But also, watch out for Maurice Canady, who plays the slot and had a great day of practice on Tuesday. But overall, Brown is probably going to be your starter there on the outside opposite of Diggs.

I just read where Mitch Hyatt was moved to injured reserve. What do you think this means for his time with the Cowboys? While he was an All-American at Clemson it hasn't transferred to the NFL, he hasn't stayed healthy. Has he shown enough potential where they will stash him away with hopes for down the line? _– JACK FANELLI / BLACKWOOD, NJ _

David: That's an interesting thought. It's not necessarily his fault, but Hyatt had a high profile for an undrafted guy and he hasn't met those expectations. It doesn't cost the Cowboys a roster spot to keep him around and let him rehab, but they could eventually opt to waive him. Whether or not they keep him around this season will say a lot about how they view his future.

Nick: Well, it's always sad when a player just can't stay healthy. Sometimes players are injury-prone and sometimes it's just bad luck. It seems like with Hyatt, it's bad luck and that's always a shame. As for his career, let's not forget that no team in the NFL drafted him, despite his All-American career at Clemson. Teams obviously had an idea that his game didn't translate well to the league. So it was already an uphill battle before the injuries. But he'll likely stay with the team to rehab and we'll see how it goes next year.

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