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Mailbag: How Is Rico Gathers Progressing? A More Aggressive Secondary?


Curious as to how Rico Gathers is looking now that camp is in full swing. I realize he has a ton to learn. Just wonder how he is handling things and settling in?

Rob: He's working at it but everyone knows there's a ton of room for improvement, from his route running to his blitz pickup. In the "compete" period Friday he got bull-rushed into the backfield by newly-signed linebacker James Morris. Doesn't look completely comfortable yet, but it's the first time he has put on pads since eighth grade.

Bryan: Been learning. Making progress in some areas. Had a nice adjustment on a "HOT" read where he was in the slot, saw his man blitz and hooked up in order for the quarterback to get him the ball. Is figuring out that he has to play with his knees bent in order to block and holding on the backside of a running play is not a bad thing if you can get away with it.


From afar, I've noticed faster, more aggressive play for the DB's while watching training camp video from and I see a different group. Do you guys as well?

Rob: Seeing that, too. Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr have really challenged the receivers on the outside. Claiborne, in particular, is playing with a ton of confidence and his technique is really sound. From an intangibles standpoint, I think Orlando Scandrick's return gives this group an edge.

Bryan: There is no doubt that this group has been more aggressive playing the ball and the results have proved that. The key for them is going to see if they can continue with this style of play into the regular season but it has been a welcomed changed from what we have seen with them in the past.

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