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Mailbag: How Many Receivers Will Make The Final Roster?


Is it possible that we will keep six receivers? Bryant and Austin are locks. Harris played great and is a returner so I don't know how we'd release him. Beasley has a niche, and Dallas made an investment in Williams and Coale with decent draft picks.

David: I'd go as far as to say it's not only possible, but likely. The NFL is a passing-based league now, and this is a pass-happy offense. The Cowboys started 2012 with six receivers after going with five in 2010 and 2011, and other prolific passing teams like Green Bay and New Orleans have been known to do the same in recent years.

Rowan: It's definitely possible, but not a guarantee. Outside of Bryant, Austin and Williams, I wouldn't call any player a total lock, though Harris is close to it. The addition of Derek Dooley should also mix things up, because he may have a different idea of his personnel. There are no guarantees for players like Beasley or Coale, but at least they have an idea of what Beasley can provide out of the slot. Coale hasn't been on the field long enough to get a good feel for his potential, so training camp is essential for guys like him and Jared Green.


After last year, I think the kick/punt returner job should be Dwayne Harris's to lose. Do you agree, or do you think the likes of Randle or Williams might get a look in?

David: I said in a mailbag last week that I would consider Harris a lock to make the team at this point. He's made strides as a No. 3 receiver, and he's shown a knack in the return game. That's got to count for something. Of course, if someone proves they're better suited for the task during training camp, then by all means let the best returner win. I personally am excited to see B.W. Webb get a look at the job this summer.

Rowan:It starts with Harris at punt returns. At this point, even if they liked Dez Bryant's athleticism and flashiness, they may not want to risk his health on returns. Randle will figure in immediately to the running back fold [embedded_ad] more than a returner. B.W. Webb and Beasley may factor in with punt returns as well. Kick return may be more of an open job, and Lance Dunbar could factor in there. As it stands, Harris is the top returner, but no spots are completely sealed.

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