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Mailbag: How Many Rookie WRs Make It? Still Waiting On Hardy Ruling


How many of these young "beast" receivers make the team?  How many on the practice squad?  Seems like the Boys have a stockpile of young, raw, talented receivers.*

Bryan:My gut feeling is that Lucky Whitehead will make this team as the returner and backup slot player to Cole Beasley with some other specialty packages in the works. My dark horse to make this roster other than Whitehead would be Deontay Greenberry. There is something about his game and play-making ability that leads me to believe that he could find his way on the roster if they carried an extra guy at that spot. Will most likely carry two on the practice squad.

David:My best guess is that one guy makes the final roster – maybe two, if someone is just too impressive for the coaches to let walk. With the other personnel on this roster, though, I don't know if the Cowboys can afford to carry more than five wide receivers. With a 10-man practice squad, I wouldn't be surprised if one, maybe two others find their way onto it when roster cuts are finalized.


What is taking so long to hear about the Hardy suspension? Brady's case was heard yesterday. If we hear about Brady's case before we hear about Hardy's, then I think it's the league trying to keep Hardy out. What are your thoughts?

Bryan: The Hardy decision will come down before the Brady one, in my opinion. I was told from a high source that he believed it was going to come down two weeks ago and it didn't happen – so that tells me that no one really knows. I will say this: I think Hardy is going to have to go to court to get this reduced, because I still believe it will be 10 games.

David: We've gotten a lot of questions about this, so I think it's safe to say y'all are a bit frustrated that there hasn't been a decision yet. Relax. The NFL moves at its own, glacial pace about most things. Tom Brady simply had his appeal heard this week, which means he's now subject to the same waiting game. The Cowboys don't open the season for another 80 days, and one way or another Hardy probably isn't going to be available for several weeks after that. There's plenty of time for this to play out.

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