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Mailbag: How Much Concern Should There Be At Guard?



How concerned should we be about the offensive guard injuries? They are occurring in practice, how will it be during the regular season when there is constant live action?

Nick:The concern is valid. The more these injuries pile up, the less continuity you're going to have across the line, not to mention the lack of talent you'll be forced to play with at guard. Sometimes injuries come in bunches at a certain position. It happened two years ago at tight end and to some degree, it's happened this year at receiver. I don't think it's a trend more than a coincidence.

Rowan: I'd be really concerned. I think the offensive line found a real groove for a bit there, particularly on the left side when Ron Leary and Tyron Smith were both healthy. But with Leary out and not much talk of Nate Livings' return to the field or the starting lineup, the problems have arisen once again. The line wasn't terrible but didn't look great last week. If Leary's healthy, the line may be all right. But right now injuries have ravaged that group, and the rumors of bringing in a veteran at the position will continue.  That's something to look for after the first cut down date.

I know it's still preseason, but I can't be the only one who's worried about the starters still not getting in the end zone yet. Wasn't this supposed to be a point emphasis and concern entering this season?

Nick: I can't recall one preseason where the point of emphasis wasn't to score more points and get into the end zone. No, you're not the only one worried about it. But I don't think the Cowboys are that worried about it right now. If they go through two quarters of football against the Bengals Saturday night in the dress rehearsal and don't score a touchdown, then I think you could, and should, worry a little.

Rowan:It's worth paying attention to. The starters have had such little opportunity in the preseason so far to demonstrate once they get in the red zone, they can put it in. But there's no doubting it's been a problem. That's why they've been working on it [embedded_ad] endlessly in practice situation drills, with varying success. I'd be worried a bit, but not in panic mode yet.  

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