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Mailbag: How Much Do Garrett And Romo Factor In Murray Decision?; Looking At Oher?

Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray were watching SMU vs. Cincinnati basketball last night at Moody Coliseum. Would you consider this a good sign for the re-signing of Murray?

Bryan: Business is business and social life is social life. I am not reading into anything other than the head coach and teammates getting together for an event. Murray and his camp still have visions on what he thinks he should be paid and the front office has their own ideas. Murray is going to have to make a decision here does he work with the front office or does he decide to test the open market – it really is that simple.

David: Garrett and Romo have both gone out of their way to support Murray since the season ended. Garrett drafted Murray in his first-ever draft as head coach, and he has developed into exactly the bruising type of running back Garrett wants for this offense. Romo is undoubtedly smart enough to know that a dominant ground game can only help him. Those are two pretty influential people to have supporting you, but that's not the ultimate deciding factor. This has been and will continue to be a financial issue. The Cowboys aren't going to sign off on a deal they think will hurt them just because of that.

Do you see any interest in Michael Oher at the right price?

Bryan: I haven't studied Michael Oher since the Cowboys played the Titans in Week 2. I am sure they had their reasons why they choose to move on from him, but let's not throw every released player in the mix for a roster spot here. If Oher is on the street say after the draft and they want to bring in a veteran tackle to help play in the preseason in the second half of those games and potentially earn a roster spot – that would be a better situation.

David: Considering that Oher is available because he was released just one year into a four-year deal, I think it'd be a better idea to pay more money to keep Doug Free in the fold. At the very least, I think I'd rather have Jermey Parnell at this point in his career. Oher might improve with so much talent around him, but I don't see the point in breaking up a good unit if it can be avoided.

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