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Mailbag: How Much Playing Time Should Rico Get?




We all know how far Rico Gathers needs to go to become a premier TE, but we also know how dangerous he can be with the ball. If Dallas can't see keeping him on the roster, would it make sense to play him full-time in the preseason games for sake of a decent trade?

Bryan:He's going to get a lot of time in the preseason regardless. Missing last season really hurt him on the development side. It might be too much for him to have to make up.

David:He's not going to get any better without a ton of playing time, so yes I think you're going to see plenty of him this year. If you recall, the Cowboys played him plenty last summer. It's too soon to say where it's going to go. I don't know if there'll be a trade or if he'll make the team or what. But it starts with him getting a chance to show his stuff.


I've heard a lot about players having "Position Flex" or being able to fill in multiple positions. I have heard it mostly used with the secondary players and offensive line. Is it really that desirable to have a player be able to play multiple positions if another starter goes down? And if it is, why didn't this happen last season when Tyron Smith was out?

Bryan: I don't quite understand the question but when it came to Smith. The biggest mistake is they shouldn't have moved Chaz Green from tackle to guard. They said it was important for them to try and get their best five on the field but he wasn't a guard. To me it was more important to have a tackle ready behind Smith than it was to a project at guard. It was a mistake they've since admitted. 

David: There's an argument to be made that if you're flexible between multiple positions, you probably aren't great at any one spot. But the Cowboys mismanaging their offensive line last year doesn't mean that position flex is a bad thing. It just means you've got to pick your spots. When you can only dress 46 guys for a game, it helps to have players who can do multiple jobs.

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