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Mailbag: How Will Cowboys Offense Change?


With Mike McCarthy calling plays, a new coordinator and several new offensive coaches, how will the offense be different going forward? I keep hearing a more West Coast style, but what does that mean? What will change from the Jason Garrett/Kellen Moore offense we have seen for the last few seasons? – Bill Conway/Palm Springs, CA

Patrik: You'll likely see more of a west-coast offense, yes, and what that means is Dak Prescott will be tasked with getting the ball out more quickly and the offensive sets will spread the opposing defense more than in recent past. McCarthy is a product of the west-coast offense, and if you want to see an example of it, look no further than the team that's eliminated the Cowboys in two consecutive postseasons — the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan runs a form of it (as does Sean McVay) and uses a ton of motion to disguise and mislead, and the new offensive play-calling set (McCarthy with Schottenheimer assisting with coordination) won't get away from the run, but should be able to better set up the run with the pass as equally as it could set up the pass with the run; and the latter is something the Cowboys haven't excelled at recently. It's a system that thrives on YAC, however, so personnel will definitely be key.

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