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Mailbag: How will Zack Martin situation play out?


How big of a problem would it really be if Zack Martin skips most or all of training camp as being reported? I certainly wouldn't want to start the season without him, but as good as he has been, maybe the reduced wear and tear would be a benefit over a long season. And I can't imagine Martin not being able to step right in. Contract aside, and I sure hope they iron out that issue, would you be worried about Martin missing training camp at this point in his career?Peter Malliris/Eugene, OR

Patrik: The new CBA isn't exactly friendly to player holdouts, as in it's basically designed to end them (and mostly has), so I personally don't see a situation in which Martin doesn't report to camp. That technicality aside, reporting doesn't mean practicing, and that's what we're really on the lookout for here. To answer your question, if there is a single NFL player (not just in Dallas, but anywhere) that I know will be ready to devour souls on gameday despite having not practiced, it's Zack Martin. He's been not only the consummate pro since entering the NFL, but a literal All-Pro every … single … season. He's also showed no signs of slowing down, e.g., being named to the 99 Club on Madden, so if the reports are true and there's a contract issue that needs resolution, I'm confident it will be sooner than later (because it's Zack Martin, period). And when it is, Martin will instantly get back to the business of being the best player on the team and the best guard in all of football.

Nick: This is a tough situation to dissect, especially since we're only really going off of reports. But there seems to be something here, something to monitor at least. We're going to find out pretty quick here next week if there's legitimate beef. It can be a serious thing that forces Martin to sit out of camp and maybe into the season, which seems doubtful. Also, there could just be a difference of opinion but it doesn't exactly signal change. Think back to Dalton Schultz last year and maybe even Tony Pollard this year with the franchise tags. Surely, they're not thrilled with being tagged and having a 1-year deal, but it doesn't mean action will be taken. So we'll see what happens here with Zack. I'm a little surprised to hear this only because we've never heard anything like this from him. Doesn't mean he's not correct in wanting to be paid as the best... because he is the best. Hopefully they can make this work. But, to answer your question, if there's any kind of way in which Martin doesn't practice much or plays in the preseason, but still gets ready for Week 1, I'd be down for that.

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