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Mailbag: Hurns' Role? WR Chemistry With Dak?


When Dallas signed Hurns and cut Dez, I thought Hurns could put up close to Dez's 2017 numbers. I know he hasn't been targeted often, but has he been getting open often? - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Rob: Sure, there's been separation at times and maybe there's a breakdown elsewhere and Dak Prescott can't get him the ball. They've also used Hurns as a blocker in the run game, replacing some of what Terrance Williams did, because he's probably their most physical receiver. He's handled some of the dirty work on offense, but no question they need more from everyone in the passing offense.

Bryan: I was right with you on Hurns. I saw a productive receiver in Jacksonville. Similar body type and speed levels as Bryant, but he just hasn't been the same. I believe this committee approach has not only hurt him but the others in the group. Been disappointing to watch.


Is it not sensible to bring Lance Lenoir to the active roster? Not because he is this amazing incredible talent, but because he is the only one except Cole Beasley who has a two-year working experience with Dak, and maybe has the best "chemistry"? - KRASI VALKOV / SOFIA, BULGARIA

Rob: Don't see Lenoir getting signed from the practice squad, but it's a good thought. They signed Brice Butler to the roster a couple of weeks ago instead, and maybe Lenoir frame-wise is too similar to Beasley and Tavon Austin. Butler has played with Prescott since 2016, so there's a rapport there too. Just haven't seen him get meaningful snaps to this point.

Bryan: Lance Lenoir looks a lot better in practice than he does in the games. There is something not right with him when those lights come on. Wish I had a better reason, but it's the truth. They wanted him to make the 53-man roster out of camp, but here he once again sits on the practice squad.

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