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Mailbag: If Brought Back, Could Brent Make The Roster?



I was glad to hear that a Josh Brent return is not entirely out of the question. Even in the best case scenario (no league repurcussions, healthy and wanting to play) if he was as good as he was before the accident, do you think he would make the team this year?

David: We had this conversation yesterday after Stephen Jones' comments about Brent. Honestly, I'm not sure I see it. The Cowboys put a lot of focus on the defensive line in the offseason, and there are now six defensive tackles of various skillsets on the roster. I suppose Brent could theoretically beat a few of them out, but I don't think I like his odds after almost two years away from the game.

Rowan: If he was, then I honestly think he probably would make it. But I don't think he will be. He's been out of football for a year and a half, and it's not as if he was tearing the league up prior to the tragic event that resulted in the death of a teammate. For all of these reasons, I just don't know think that's the right path to cross again. It'll certainly be interesting to see what unfolds when Brent's out of jail, though, because it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

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If Doug Free struggles early on, would you consider keeping Mackenzy Bernadeau and Ron Leary at guard, and sliding Zack Martin to right tackle?

David: I would definitely consider it. The coaches also probably hope that Jermey Parnell or Darrion Weems will step up and push Free, making themselves possible options at the position. I doubt the coaches want to shuffle a rookie around at multiple spots unless they had to. As always, though, let's wait and see if this even needs to happen. Free played well on the right side last season.

Rowan: Martin was projected to be a guard at the next level to start out with not because of Doug Free, but because of Martin's talents. Many draft experts projected he'd be a better fit at guard than at tackle at the next level, and I think the Cowboys felt the same, so Free would have to be really, really bad early on to make that move that quickly in my opinion.

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