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Mailbag: Impact Of Jason Witten's Return?


Do you see Jason Witten going back to the role he had prior to his retirement?


Bryan:We were talking about that last night at dinner and I don't see Jason Witten doing anything other than what he done before. Witten did not come back to be a backup or role player. He's coming back to be a starter and try to help this team win games.

Rob: Will it be 98 percent of the offensive snaps like he had in 2017? Probably not. But having covered Witten for the vast majority of his career, it's hard for me to see him in a vastly reduced role even at age 37. Jason Garrett mentioned "competition" on Thursday, and that's what it's all about. Coaches play the best players. Blake Jarwin, Dalton Schultz and Rico Gathers will have to earn their snaps.


Unless this was in the works for quite a while, Jason Witten's $3.5M cap charge was not planned for. So how will that impact roster decisions on keeping existing players such as Allen Hurns or retaining free agents such as Cole Beasley?


Bryan:This goes what to what I said earlier. When cap guys hear us talking about cap space in the media they just laugh. Cap space is really a myth because these cap guys have that money already spent on players or contracts we have no clue about. I don't see them changing any of their free agency plans just because they signed Witten.

Rob: Stephen Jones indicated earlier this week that Hurns will be back. The Cowboys want to keep Beasley but they're aware he'll have interest on the open market. If he's not back, Witten has been that safety valve underneath for Dak Prescott before.

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