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Mailbag: Impact Of Pass Interference Replay?


How do you think the rule change -- allowing both defensive and offensive pass interference to be challenged -- will affect wide receiver play in the league? Does this make you more apprehensive to play a big bodied jump-ball receiver when they've gotten by with pushing off on nearly every play in the past? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: Maybe this will help the defense when it does come to offensive pass interference, especially when receivers do push off. That's a big problem. My biggest takeaway from all of this is that the coaches will have no extra challenges, which I believe is a good thing.  

Rob: I don't know that it will drastically affect how receivers or DB's play, simply because both have to maintain their aggressiveness (within reason) if they want to make the play. Plus, coaches still only have two challenges a game before it goes to the booth in the final two minutes of each half. But I think it's great that the league is working to get PI's right, because they often involve long-yardage plays that can change the course of a game. Hopefully there's never an egregious blown call like Rams-Saints again.


Is there a difference in the size of contract a right defensive end should receive vs a left defensive end? - EDDIE SAVAGE/ FRESNO, CA

Bryan: It's not the defensive ends he's getting compared to -- it's the outside linebackers that put their hands on the ground. Those are the guys that are getting paid.

Rob: Agree with Bryan. Plus, Lawrence is actually proving he's a well-rounded player because he's good enough against the run to handle the left (strong) side of the formation. The Cowboys know that and they want a long-term deal done, but at the moment, they haven't found a middle ground with Lawrence's camp.

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