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Mailbag: Impact Of Tank Deal On Draft, Roster?


Now that Tank Lawrence is back (way to go Cowboys!) will the draft strategy shift? When I look at what they have done with free agency and going after Cooper last year, the team over all is much stronger than we were last year. So what is the missing piece we are looking for? I am kind of with Bryan and the possibility of trading back a little from 58 to pick up some more picks. - JOEL JACKSON / CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Bryan: I like the thought of moving back a few spots, but I am also looking maybe moving up to grab one of those safeties. Don't be surprised if they grab a corner at No. 58. It might be the best value at that time.

Rob: I'm for trading back in the draft only if there's a cluster of available prospects with pretty equal grades in the team's mind. It's fine to bundle picks, but eventually you need to find a good player. It's hard to say the 'missing piece' will be found in Rounds 2 or 3 of a draft. They do have a chance to add more depth and competition at spots like defensive tackle and safety, further beefing up a very good defense.


Now that Tank is getting a new contract, if you're Dallas' front office who are you focusing on next? Dak, Zeke or someone else? - DAVID PARKES

Bryan: I am trying to get Amari Cooper done first. His might be the easiest to do now with Prescott and Elliott a little more tricky. Get the that one done first, then work on the others.

Rob: The Cowboys have never stated an 'order' here, to be clear, though Lawrence was always first in line due to the franchise tag deadline. Prescott is likely to be a priority given his role at quarterback combined with entering the final year of his deal. Cooper's 2019 salary cap figure is close to $14 million on his fifth-year option, so an eventual new deal would probably reduce that hit.

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