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Mailbag: Impact On The Dak Deal Deadline?


If Dak signs his franchise tender as the reports say he will, does that make you more optimistic that a new deal will get done by July 15 or am I reading too much into it? — MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

David: I don't think it makes me feel any differently, to be honest. Dak doesn't have to sign the tender to keep working toward an extension. If you'll remember, Dez Bryant never signed his tag back in 2015, but he ultimately signed a new extension just hours before the deadline. If anything, maybe Dak noticed the way COVID-19 is affecting the league and decided to make sure he locked up his money. It's totally possible he still signs a deal, but I don't think his decision to sign the tag has anything to do with it.

Rob: I've always been fairly optimistic that they'll reach a deal by the deadline. Not saying for sure it'll happen — after all, these talks have been going intermittently for over a year now. Maybe he ends up playing on the tag. But we've just seen this play out before — with Dez in 2015, with Tank Lawrence and Zeke last year. No one thinks the deal will get done until it does. And it always seems to get done. Still have three weeks left.

Do you think there is a possibility that the NFL could delay roster cut dates or numbers due to teams not having as much time to evaluate players? Thanks in advance! — JOE YOUNG / KATY, TX

David: Let's be brutally honest: there are a lot of things that could get delayed or changed. As of right now, we don't know when training camp is going to start or what it's going to look like. Here in Texas, cases are continuing to spike. It's hard to guess how the Cowboys are going to play preseason games safely -- or what that's going to look like, either. So in short, yes I think it's possible the league could push back the timeline to give everyone a chance to adapt. The only thing I know for sure is that nobody knows anything.

Rob: I don't see that unless the entire schedule changes, and right now, it appears the league has every intention of starting training camps and the season on time. Could that change? Sure. The pandemic requires flexibility in all areas of life. We're all learning that. But I understand your question. A virtual offseason really impacts the evaluation process for new players. That's simply the new normal for now.

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