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Mailbag: Interest In J.J. Watt?


I think J.J. Watt would be a great fit for our defense. Do you see Jerry signing him? – BILLY MCMILLAN / BIG STONE GAP, VA

David: I agree with you completely. Watt definitely still has gas in the tank, he can play in any scheme and he'd be a wonderful presence for the locker room. There are a couple problems, though. For starters, we know the Cowboys aren't about to win a bidding war for an in-demand free agent. On top of that, Watt likely wants to win a championship and will have his pick among some of the best teams in the league. I'm going to guess he winds up on a team that's a little bit closer to winning a Super Bowl than this one – like Tampa Bay or Green Bay.

Rob: I agree Watt would be a great fit, not just for the Cowboys but literally any locker room and any scheme in the league. That's also why I'd be surprised if it happens here. The Cowboys have to be very mindful of their cap situation this offseason, and it might be a month before we're 100% sure how much room they've got. Reports say Watt, as expected, has already gotten interest from multiple teams. Maybe he stays in the AFC South with a contender that's got some space. Indy maybe? We'll see.

*Let's say the Cowboys are sitting at pick No. 10 and Micah Parsons, Penei Sewell, and either Caleb Farley or Patrick Surtain II are all somehow still on the board. Who do you pick? – JEFF BOYLAN / PAINTED POST, NY

David: If we're assuming that Dak is under contract, I'll take the cornerback. Both Farley and Surtain are capable of starting from Day 1, and they have the traits Dan Quinn would likely value for his defense. Yes, the offensive tackle position could use some help, but this is a deep tackle class and I'll take my chances on finding one later on.

Rob: I would draft the defensive player with the highest rating on their board, whoever that ends up being when they go on the clock. If there's a CeeDee-type offensive prospect sitting there – by far the top guy left on their board – then I guess you have to consider that. Personally? I like Surtain, probably because I watch a ton of Bama games every year and he looks as pro-ready as anybody.

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