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Mailbag: Is Brandon Carr Part Of The Corner Competition?



With all the talk about Morris Claiborne having to compete with Orlando Scandrick to try and earn a starting spot back, what are the chances that both Orlando and Mo beat out Brandon Carr for his spot since he has not lived up to expectations?

Rowan: I would say zero. I'd be shocked if Carr wasn't a starter this year. He's been really up and down since joining the Cowboys, but he's been one of the few members of the secondary picking off passes, and when he's playing to his potential, he's one of the better corners in the division. They paid him the money, and they'll let him play to earn it.

David: Yeah, that'd be pretty surprising – particularly because I'm not sure how well Carr's skills translate to the nickel spot. But when he is playing well, I think Carr is definitively better than the other two, and I also think it's bad business to have your $50 million corner off the field for significant stretches of time. It would take something pretty significant to take him off the field.

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The Cowboys have had a chance to get at least a glimpse of their new defensive linemen during the course of OTAs these past couple of weeks. How do you feel about the new additions and their roles for the season?

Rowan: We still don't know a ton about them until they get pads on or get healthy. We have no idea at this point if Henry Melton will look the same as he did in the past, as he's only worked through individual drills. We don't know if Anthony Spencer will play. We don't know how Amobi Okoye will look. I think the risks that were taken, though, were calculated ones and cap-friendly deals that don't put a lot of financial pressure if specific deals don't pan out. The only issue is the Cowboys need career-years from most, if not all, of their defensive line additions, and the odds of that just can't be particularly high.

David: I agree with all of the stuff Rowan said, but I just want to mention Terrell McClain. When he signed in free agency, he was considered a ho-hum addition who would probably help out and mainly play the one-technique. Since OTAs have started, though, he's moved around the line – even to three-tech, mainly because of Henry Melton's absence – and he has looked impressive. I'm not calling for him to go to the Pro Bowl, but I won't be surprised if he claims a spot in the starting four. He has looked impressive.

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