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Mailbag: Is Cowboys getting a new DC a bad thing?


Well, it's not the popular point of view, but is Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. leaving that bad for this organization? I mean, even Micah Parsons said the coaches were out-schemed in the playoff loss, and the defense has struggled in big games against good teams. Sometimes change isn't bad. – Kevin Titus/Billings, MT

Nick Eatman: I'll be honest – each of the last two years – I was somewhat relieved when it was announced that Dan Quinn would return as the defensive coordinator. I didn't have that same feeling this year. That's the best way I can explain it. Sure, Quinn is a great coach and from the interactions I've had with him, he seems like an even better person. But anyone who saw the final game of the season knows that "something" needs to change. If it's not the head coach or the quarterback or the play-caller, then what will be different? That being said, I think I'm fine with the move, even if Quinn remains in the division. Does that mean he'll have an inside track on how to beat Dallas? Sure, just like the Cowboys should have the same advantage against him. Personally, the Cowboys have to make some big changes this year and while it might be challenging to make a ton of personnel changes, maybe a new defensive coordinator and some position coaches will shake it up just enough to create some new looks next year.

Kurt: I agree that it's not necessarily bad that Quinn has left for a head-coaching opportunity. He was great here, guiding one of the NFL's top defenses the last three years, but there was also this feeling that something needed to change after another disappointing playoff effort. Of course, the problem is what if that change isn't for the better? This is literally a make-or-break season for Mike McCarthy, who is in the final year of his contract. Can this team make the necessary jump, especially if someone outside the organization is hired to run the defense? Will time be needed to implement and become comfortable with a new defensive system? Can McCarthy afford that time, especially with the schedule that awaits the Cowboys in 2024? On the other hand, maybe a new voice is just what's needed. With the talent on hand, perhaps a fresh set of eyes can unlock a new level of success. Just look at what Quinn himself did when he arrived in 2021. So yes, it's a bit daunting not knowing what lies ahead, but like you, I don't necessarily think this change is bad. But if it is, well, then we're likely going to see a whole lot more change around here next year.

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