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Mailbag: Is Dak Running Enough?


I've noticed that Dak isn't running or even rolling out as much as he has in the past. Is that because the coaches aren't calling RPOs or roll outs, or is it Dak choosing not to run? — VIN HRASKY / IOWA CITY, IA

Rob: Seems like we've had this conversation every year for the last three years. It hasn't seemed to be a heavily-featured part of the offense, though Dak is definitely effective when he's buying time with his feet and making throws outside the pocket. The red zone has been a place where the RPOs have been effective in the past.

David: Honestly, I have liked what I've seen in the run game from Dak to this point. He ran several option-style plays against Seattle and finished with 26 yards, and he scored three touchdowns against Atlanta — including one on an option keeper. I wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more, but I feel good about where he's at as a runner.

I know it's early, but the 2020 Cowboys team probably will make the playoffs because of being from the NFC East. Do you think they make the playoffs if they don't win the NFC East? Why? — THOMAS NARRO / ARLINGTON, MA

Rob: Like you said, it's very early, but it probably would be more difficult because divisions like the NFC West have four wild-card contenders. Then again, there is an extra playoff spot this year. I think their best bet is to win the division and take care of things that way, but that's always the case.

David: Even with the extra playoff spot, I already don't love their wildcard chances. The NFC West is loaded, and they have already lost tiebreakers to two of those teams. It'd be silly to rule anything out on Oct. 1, but they need some favorable outcomes against their other NFC opponents, like Minnesota, Arizona and San Francisco.


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