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Mailbag: Is Dez Worth Parting With For The Right Deal?

If the opportunity comes to trade Dez Bryant for a top tier receiver and/or a possible high draft choice, do you take it?

Nick: I'm not sure why any team would want to trade their top-tier receiver for yours, unless he's someone that just happens to have similar issues and both players need a fresh start. Player-for-player trades are so rare these days. As for a draft pick, it'd probably have to be a first-rounder or a high-second for me to consider it. Don't forget he's got two years on his deal, after this season. So I'm probably not doing anything for another year or so.

Jonny: Take it? I don't know, but certainly consider it. That's not necessarily a knock on Bryant, but there aren't many top tier players at any position and opportunities to trade for one don't exactly come very often. If Calvin Johnson were to be offered to the Cowboys I would imagine the Cowboys aren't blowing off that phone call. But I don't see Dallas shopping a receiver as talented as Dez Bryant. With all the talk of windows closing, it might make sense to hold on to one of your younger more talented players, even if he does cause a few grey hairs now and then.

Why is Tony Romo not to blame for the Cowboys' troubles when he leads the NFL in interceptions thrown?

Nick: Where have you been? He gets blamed more than any other player. I think if you've seen his games this year, you can see all of those 13 interceptions are his fault, but some of them have been. Regardless who's the one to blame for each mistake, it's pretty clear Romo and his receivers are not on the same page as much as they should be. And with that, the blame goes to the top – Romo and the offensive coordinator, which happens to be the head coach.  

Jonny: I would say that Tony Romo does shoulder much of the blame for many of the Cowboys' troubles. This is a tough stat for me to write, but Romo actually has less touchdowns and more interceptions than Mark Sanchez this season. The heat is on Romo for good reason. That being said, the troubles are certainly not all his fault. Nine of Romo's 13 interceptions came in two games, against the Bears and Giants. In those games the Cowboys combined for an abysmal 60 yards rushing. It's a lot easier to pick off a quarterback if you're 95% sure he's going to throw it.

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