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Mailbag: Is It Possible The Cowboys Don't Go OL In Draft?


Is there a possibility the Cowboys will not address the OL in FA or the draft? If so, what message will that send to Romo and his future with the team?

Rowan: I would be surprised if it's not addressed in one of the two, and it wouldn't send a great message. It's one thing to hope Romo can elude a rush, but it's another to not give him proper tools to help him succeed. It's a clear area of weakness right now, and I'd be surprised if they didn't go that route in one of the first few rounds and shocked if it didn't happen at all in the draft.

Nick: I'm sure they will draft someone but it might not be very high in the draft. I would think they need to get a lineman in the first two rounds. History suggests they don't do that but hopefully this team will realize the best way to fix the line is to actually address it with good, young players and make an emphasis to getting better up front instead of hoping and wishing to get lucky through free agency.


We all realize the Cowboys are staying out of free agency at the moment because of salary concerns. Do you expect the Cowboys to get aggressive in free agency when things die down and players become more desperate and negotiate for cheaper?

Rowan:I don't see it happening regardless of what happens. I do expect some of these restructures or extensions, particularly the Tony Romo deal, to take place. But even if or when that happens, I don't see an aggressive approach in free agency. That doesn't mean the Cowboys won't bring in a veteran or two who can help out, I just don't think there will be a [embedded_ad] flurry of moves.

Nick: I could see that happening but there is that major IF. It comes down to if Tony Romo restructures his deal. That will likely happen but to be players in free agency, it needs to happen sooner than later. I think it's somewhat close at this point. I would imagine the turning point would be if the Cowboys have their eyes on a particular free agent and need the space to make it happen. That's probably when things will shake out with Romo's situation.

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