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Mailbag: Is locker room still on board?


Personally, I'm happy that Mike McCarthy is back and that Dak Prescott will likely be re-signed. This team is close to getting over the hump and so starting over is not the answer. But nobody cares what I think. It's really what the players in the locker room think. With McCarthy on the last year of his contract and Dak again struggling in the playoffs, is the rest of the team still on board with those two? There has obviously been a lot of chatter lately that raises concerns. – William Henderson/Memphis, TN

Nick Harris: Concern definitely resonated around on social media over the weekend when family members of CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons expressed frustration over Dak Prescott and more following Dallas' early playoff exit, but the locker room continued to have belief in Prescott and McCarthy as the season progressed -- even when things weren't going great. Parsons has since come out in support of his teammates and the vision in Dallas over the weekend and players continued to show support for Mike McCarthy and Prescott in the locker room availability after the end of the season. I think there will have to be a unique approach to next season with so much riding on McCarthy's future, and it'll take everyone to truly buy into what he will bring to the table in 2024. One minor misstep and it could lead to trouble quicker than it'd lead to any success.

Mick Spagnola: Well William, let's not buy into the chatter unless it's coming out of this building and/or locker room. First of all can't imagine these players aren't buying into Dak Prescott, not after the regular season he had this year, leading the NFL with 36 TD passes and a career high 105.9 QB rating, second in the NFL, third in yards passing and second in completion percentage. You don't find that down at Texaco as Bill Parcells used to say. And before any players want to totally blame Mike McCarthy for what took place in the playoff loss to Green Bay, they ought to look themselves in the mirror. Not sure all those blown coverages on defense were McCarthy's fault, and those were the biggest problems this team had. As you probably noticed in most of the second-round playoff games, not all those quarterbacks were totally efficient, but their defenses helped keep them in the games.

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