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Mailbag: Is Micah Parsons the Cowboys' MVP?


Happy Fourth of July! I saw a survey recently that said Micah Parsons is the Cowboys' Most Valuable Player going into the season. Do you agree? He's likely the best player, but is he the most valuable when it comes to this team's success? – Adrian Foster/Texarkana, TX

Nick Eatman: Yes, without question. If it's not him, then it's probably the guy in the background of the pic at the top of the screen. Diggs has a very key role to this team but Micah Parsons has the biggest impact. And if you think it's someone on the other side of the ball, just look back to last season. When Dak went down, the Cowboys were 4-1 and the reason they won those games is because No. 11 did his thing as well as anyone in the NFL. Parsons took over those games and allowed Cooper Rush and the offense to survive. Usually, the quarterback is the MVP because of the continuity that is lost. But I think that's just how good Micah Parsons is, he has the most value on the team.

Kurt Daniels: That survey you're referring to was done by The Athletic, and in fan voting Parsons was the clear favorite with Dak Prescott a distant second. It's a fun exercise, but I tend to agree with you. While the all-everything linebacker is probably the best player on the field at any given moment, as is the case with every team in the NFL, the quarterback is really the difference between sustained winning and losing and there's certainly no exception to that rule here in Dallas. Yes, Cooper Rush stepped in admirably last season in Prescott's absence, but if the Cowboys are going to achieve their goals in 2023, they'll need QB1 firing on all cylinders. Without him, a championship will be hard to come by no matter how elite Parsons and the defense are. So again, Prescott may not be the best, but he sure seems the most valuable. As he goes, so too go the Cowboys.

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