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Mailbag: Is The Cowboys' O-Line A Longterm Strength?



Could the left side of the Cowboys' offensive line become a team strength? Tyron Smith, Ronald Leary and Travis Frederick are all young and strong players who will get a lot of snaps together.

David: I think that's the idea, though there's still a long way to go. I'm no scout, but our scout-in-residence, Bryan Broaddus, has been impressed by what Frederick brings to that combination early in his career. The only issue is that Smith's contract is up after next season, but that's a concern for another day.

Rowan: It absolutely can. It's still early to make an overall judgment on Leary and Frederick, but there are reasons to be optimistic. To have three players this young and this ready to play is unique. I'm not saying Leary is Larry Allen, but that trio could be in place for a long time if it works out. [embedded_ad]


I watched the game against the Giants and was hoping to see Caesar Rayford in. Was he not there or did I miss him? With all the hype he had in preseason I thought they would send him loose on Eli.

Rowan: Outside of Beasley, I was most surprised to see Rayford inactive this week. You're correct in that he wasn't out there. One of Rayford's monster games in the preseason came against the Giants' offensive line. I'm intrigued by the sheer size of Rayford and what he was able to do as a pass rusher. Maybe it will take him doing that down after down in Cowboys practices before they feel comfortable using an active roster spot on him.

David: My guess is that Rayford didn't pick up enough on what the Cowboys wanted to see from him in the four days he had to get ready for the Giants. He showed the ability to make plays for the Colts – though it was in a much different defense. But I'm betting Rayford will make the active roster either this weekend or against the Rams, after he's had a chance to fully digest his duties on the line. The Cowboys could use the depth.  

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