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Mailbag: Is There Any Interest In A Veteran Receiver?


Does the pick-up of Brandon Weeden open the door for a possible Kyle Orton trade to a quarterback-needy team? Perhaps worthy of a fifth round pick?

Nick: Sounds good in theory, but it's going to have to be with a team that gets a quarterback hurt in training camp. Even at that, I don't know if Orton is your best option there. And fifth-round pick seems steep to me. Darren Sproles just went from the Saints to the Eagles for a fifth-rounder.

David: I honestly think of Weeden as an insurance policy in case Orton decides to retire. I don't know that the Cowboys want Weeden to be their backup – at least not until he proves himself in training camp. And like Nick said, you might be overestimating the value of an aging quarterback who hasn't started much recently. Matt Schaub commanded just a sixth-round pick in his trade to Oakland. Quite simply, it's hard to get good value in a situation like that.

Since the Cowboys cut ties with Miles Austin, have they had any interest signing another veteran wide receiver to help? With Dez Bryant's injury concerns, maybe someone like Kenny Britt who can be a high-risk, high-reward type player. With an offense like Dallas', he could pay off like Laurent Robinson did a couple of years ago.

Nick: I'm sure they've evaluated Britt – he does seem like the type of guy the Cowboys would bring in. He's had his share of troubles, for sure. I think one thing we all need to remember about Robinson – he was pretty much on the street and had never done anything in his four-year career. He'd never even been the man. So he could come in and play the third role just fine. A guy like Britt isn't as used to that role and it might make for a bigger transition.

David: I'm afraid I sound like a broken record, but I just don't see the point. Rather than take on the potential headaches of signing a guy like Britt, I'd just as soon invest in a young, cheap wide receiver in the draft – there will be plenty of them available, depending on how highly the team values the position. Money is also another issue. I doubt Britt would be overly expensive, but a rookie can likely be had for less.

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