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Mailbag: Is This Dunbar's Week To Add A Spark?


With Demarco Murray out and Felix Jones banged up, is it possible that Lance Dunbar might get a chance to add a spark against the Giants?

Nick: Yes, he'll get a chance for sure. It'll probably depend on Jones' availability. I'm seeing Tanner as the starter here either way, but if Felix can play, it'll limit Dunbar's touches. But with that speed and quickness, I don't think anyone else on the offensive side of the ball can match it. So I'd look to find a way to get him the ball, regardless who is healthy.

Rowan: Jones hasn't been healthy this week, which would seemingly put a greater load onto Phillip Tanner. But Dunbar is more agile and can make plays in space perhaps better than the other options. I'd be surprised if Dunbar doesn't at least get a carry or more this week, depending on the health of Jones.


The Cowboys are considered to have one of the most talented receiver corps in football, so why does it seem like they are afraid take shots down the field?

Nick: I think if you really got the chance to see how teams are playing, you'd be shocked how far off the safeties play. It's almost like teams are completely taking that away – before the snap. Now things always change during a play and I'm sure there are chances for the Cowboys to go deep. Another factor, in my opinion, is flat-out speed. I wouldn't call Dez or Ogletree "burners" by any means. Austin can get by defenders but even that isn't consistent. I think this team has talented receivers, but not overly fast guys who stretch a defense.

Rowan: When safeties play that far back, the deep ball isn't a viable option, as Nick stated. That's why most of the successful routes have been over the middle or on shorter patterns. The better the running game, the more likely those deep passes will occur, as the safeties must creep up. But I expect the Cowboys to take a couple shots down the field to keep up with the big-play Giants offense.

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