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Mailbag: Is This The Beginning Of The End For Jay Ratliff?


Is this the beginning of the end for Jay Ratliff? He's had all offseason to heal his foot, and now he is still resting it.

Nick: No, I don't think I'd call it that at all. This plantar fasciitis injury is a tough one to get past. It's a good thing it's happening now and the Cowboys are simply giving him plenty of rest. Ratliff is one of those guys who isn't a mystery. He'll be ready to play and he'll be good. No reason to push it so Ratliff can get on the field. In fact, the more evaluation you can get out of Josh Brent and Robert Calloway, the better.

Josh: I wouldn't say the beginning of the end, but this kind of injury is not good. We've seen plantar fasciitis linger for some guys. The Cowboys are trying to avoid that by giving him the majority of training camp off, which, if you're worried about him wearing down at nose tackle, may be beneficial anyway.


Hey guys, how is Dwayne Harris looking thus far in camp? Think he'll be the third receiver?

Nick: I do not think that, no. He's had a few moments here and there – like all of them. I have hard time seeing anyone beat out Kevin Ogletree for the No. 3 spot. And that's not because Ogletree has been superb, he's just more experienced and a little better. Harris could have some value if they let him return kicks and punts, but it sounds like Dez Bryant and Felix Jones will handle those duties. So I think making the team would be a great goal for Harris, instead of being No. 3.

Josh: I would rank him even with guys like Andre Holmes and Tim Benford. I don't think he's been as consistent as Kevin Ogletree. But every day that passes without any of these guys separating themselves, the more likely it probably becomes that an outsider is needed.

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