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Mailbag: Jerry's Milestone; Kyler's Potential? 


I read that Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys on this date 30 years ago. Do you think the organization is closer to a Super Bowl now that they've built such a young roster? - MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: I honestly like the direction of the roster. I think there are areas that it could improve but they're closer to being able to make a run at this time with the addition of a couple more pieces. The big question here is going to be the coaching staff and can they make the difference in getting them there?

Rob: Mickey covered the '91 team that started 6-5, won its final five games and made the second round, setting up future Super Bowl success. He always says the '18 team reminds him a little of that one. I do think they're in position to make a run, especially if they can keep drafting well. But the league is designed differently now than it was then. It's harder to stay good. Only the Patriots seem immune.


I read where teams might be skeptical about drafting Kyler Murray. So, what are your thoughts should he possibly drop to the second round? Do the Cowboys take a shot and play the wait and see game or would the second-round pick be best utilized elsewhere? - MARK MURAS / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: There is no way that Kyler Murray makes it to the Cowboys' selection - period. Their selection is likely going to involve a defensive tackle, tight end or wide receiver.

Rob: The 58th pick would be best utilized elsewhere. And it's probably moot because ultimately I see Murray getting drafted in the first round, maybe even the top half of the first round, if he convinces teams he's really committed to football. So many teams are starved for a starting quarterback, somebody will take him pretty early.

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