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Mailbag: Jourdan Lewis' Future With Cowboys?


Jourdan Lewis is entering the final year of his rookie contract. He has shown to be a dependable player who was probably underutilized in 2019. He's a baller, maintains solid coverage, and turns his head towards the QB. Should the cowboys extend his contract this off-season, BEFORE other teams find out how good he really and increase his value in FA next year? – ALAN KELLEY / DE BERRY, TX

Nick: I think the jury is still out on what Lewis' role will be. Extending his contract now doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Yes, he makes plays on the ball but the question is, can he be more than just a slot corner? I bet he believes he can and his agent does as well. Therefore, they're probably hoping for a big year and a big payday down the road. At this point, from what we've seen, the Cowboys wouldn't pay him as an every-down starter but that's probably what Lewis and his camp would be looking for. This is a big season for him.

Jonny: What you're asking is 'should the Cowboys do something risky?' and, as someone who wouldn't have to absorb any of the potential consequence of that risk, I say yes. The benefit would obviously be to have Lewis locked into an agreeable deal and never let him hit free agency. The risk would be that he doesn't develop into the potential that you're projecting for him. But I guess my thinking is this: How much worse was Lewis last year than the best version of Orlando Scandrick? I'd argue he's already on that level, and Scrandrick was here a long time.

With reports surfacing that Sean Lee is returning to the NFL in 2020, how confident are you that he'll be in the silver and blue in training camp? – LANDON MANDEL / MURRELLS INLET, SC

Nick: In training camp? I'm not sure if that question is just referring to him being on the team, or actually doing a lot in camp, which is something we haven't seen a lot of. To clarify, I think the Cowboys will re-sign him to another one-year deal. And I think he'll be limited in camp and in preseason games to be able to contribute once the season begins.

Jonny: I'm probably sitting at 50/50 that Lee is in Dallas next year. So, I suppose that means I'm not that confident. I think it's really hard to say with an entirely new coaching staff. I'm sure McCarthy's staff would value his leadership, but they probably don't want someone giving pep talks that have bits of old Jason Garrett advice mixed in. I think it will come down to what he can offer on the field and whether they think that exceeds what they could get for a lesser price elsewhere.

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