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Mailbag: Kellen Moore's Future? Deep Draft?


With the Cowboys' first pick not coming until almost the end of the second round, do you see any way Jerry can either move back into the first round or at least higher into the second round? If not, what kind of talent should still be there at the end of the second and where do you see them going with this pick? - MICHAEL SCHARCH / EASTON, MD

Bryan: Always the possibility of getting back in the round, but would likely cost you next year's first (2020). Could see a small move up the second with an extra compensatory. My gut tells me TE, WR, RB, DT could be the spots they might hit.

Rob: As things stand here in late January, I'll defer to Mr. Broaddus on draft depth. Off the top of my head, it would seem difficult for the Cowboys to get back into the first round without having to pay a pretty big price in picks. They're probably looking at a compensatory pick (third round or later) for losing Anthony Hitchens in free agency last year. The most likely option is probably to stay in the second round. Tight end and defensive tackle stand out to me most as needs right now.

I want to know what you think of the possibility of Kellen Moore taking over as offensive coordinator and Jon Kitna being the quarterback coach? I don't know why we don't go after some of the proven coaches on some of the teams that have the innovative offenses in the league. - GREG RAMSEY / QUITAQUE, TX

Bryan: Those proven coaches are really not proven at this point. Know the Rams and Chiefs have some guys but probably a year away from college plays. Feeling is that Moore will have the title but Garrett will call the plays, so that takes care of experience.

Rob: As you said, these are only possibilities right now. Nothing's official, and the Cowboys have been discussing a lot of options since parting ways with Scott Linehan. But, since bright young offensive minds are all the rage around the league, it must be noted that the Cowboys believe Moore is just that. Dak Prescott has called him a "genius" behind the scenes. If Moore were to wind up with the OC title, or a 'passing game coordinator' type of title, it wouldn't surprise me if head coach Jason Garrett has more influence on the play-calling given his own experience in that area. We'll see.

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